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Our Recent Oral Immunotherapy Graduates

Oral Immunotherapy Testimonials

"As this patient's mom, I just can't thank you enough for bringing OIT to Boise. Having your team by our sides during this process was a blessing. You calmed our nerves and talked us through anxious moments. The freedom from fear of food that you have given my daughter is immeasurable. Just today her friend ate a peanut butter granola bar in front of her and she didn't have to ask her not to. I can't begin to thank you enough."

"We took our son to Texas Roadhouse tonight with all the peanuts around him and he was fine!!! Although he graduated in April it's taken us a while to be really confident going out to eat with him and get out of the habit of avoiding public peanut places...in July we went to Five Guys and that was surreal too. He starts kindergarten next week and I was, I'm sure, a much calmer parent talking to the school nurse yesterday than I would have been last year!"

"We are almost year out from her last oral immunotherapy treatment and final peanut challenge. I never thought that I would take a picture of peanuts in Karlie's room. The past year has been free of fear and stress for us both. I cannot thank you enough for providing Karlie with the opportunity to go through oral immunotherapy."